Max Parrot Wins Slopestyle at Winter X 2014


This Parrot took to the skies winning snowboard slopestyle at 2014’s Winter X Games against the world’s best, including the likes of Sochi favorite Mark McMorris. Look to see more from this up and coming name in the near future, as he clearly showed his ability to ride with the top tier.

Max threw down one of the best runs X Games has seen linking some extremely technical tricks on a tight course that left no room for error. Max Parrot delivered in the rail section, including a cab 270 on the down rail, an intense hardway back 450 on the down flat down, gapping the flat, and rounding it out with a big 270 to lip on the up flat down. Parrot did not dissapoint on the jumps section combining two technical doubles with two triples including a cab triple underflip and a backside triple cork 1440 to take the gold home.

Many people including myself had heard little to nothing about this rising star. Keep an eye on the competition circuit as more and more underdogs like Parrot climb the ranks. Watch out for some names including Aleksander Oestreng, Stale Sandbech, and Billy Morgan to stay ahead of the curve as the next generation of riders knocks on the door.


The Rise of the Millenials!

My fellow Millennials, our time has come. As we approach the next crucial years of our lives, the workforce must open its doors to allow the next generation to take over. Employers must change their tactics and prepare to cater to a new breed of employee. Here are just some of the mind blowing stats that accompany the growth of the Millennial in the workforce:

  • By 2025 Millenials will represent 75% of the global workforce.
  • 1 in 10 Millenials makes over $100,000.
  • Millenials represent the most culturally diverse generation yet.
  • Millenials are insatiable consumers and are expected to surpass Baby Boomer spending by 2018.

Millenials will soon be the driving force behind the worlds economy and with our positive, goal oriented, self reliant, and tech savvy attitudes and skills, we are certain to take the workforce by storm. Watch out Baby Boomers, Millenials survived Y2K and are here to stay.


The Push for a Mobile Future

2013 was a big year for mobile devices. The infographic below depicts the growth of mobile devices over the last year. It includes everything from mobile adoption and market share by device to usage broken down by apps, platforms, browsers, locations, you name it. Some of the key stats from the past year include:

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  • 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps
  • 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week

There is no doubt 2014 will be the most mobile year mankind has yet to experience.


Scary News for Sochi and the upcoming Winter Olympics

As rain continues to ravage Vermont’s ski conditions this season, a different force is disrupting the Russian region that will host the 22nd installment of the Winter Olympics. Shortly after New Year’s the bodies of six men were discovered in four different locations in Southern Russia, not far from the host city of Sochi. In a number of the locations the bodies were found accompanied by explosive devices that luckily did not harm any civilians or authorities. The attacks follow two more that occurred just before the New Year on December 29 and 30, both of which produced fatal results. It is believed these attacks have been carried out by members of the North Caucasus Islamist Group. This same group of Islamist extremists has made a number of threats against the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. They claim the event is dishonoring the land their ancestors were buried on. The leader of the terrorist group was quoted saying they would use “maximum force” to prevent the Olympic Games from taking place. From their prior attacks it is clear this could be much more than a scare tactic, as they have displayed their aggression killing or seriously injuring over 400 people, many of them children. This has sparked new security concerns for visitors of the upcoming games, as well as the Russian locals. As the games approach the publicity of these attacks could cause some major for the games.

Russia car killings

These attacks shed some light on the importance of venue selection in event marketing, and following that is ensuring the security and safety of visitors, participants, or whoever else may be in attendance at the event. Whether it is a large or small event, the venue safety is of utmost importance. Ensuring that attendees can feel safe and secure during their stay is imperative to the success of an event, and marketing that safety to consumers is crucial for success. When incidents such as these attacks occur and are heavily publicized, the question of safety often arises. This lack of comfort could be a deterrent for many prospective visitors attending the Sochi Games and could lead to lower numbers and negative outcomes for the games, and the surrounding businesses and cities. The Olympics being such a heavily publicized event involving such an array of nations makes it highly susceptible to both large and small scale criminal or terrorist activities, making it an even more difficult venue to secure and market. As the venue cannot be changed, it will be interesting to see how Russia and the International Olympic Committee handle the press and fragility of these terrorist attacks, as they will certainly Impact the attendance of the Olympic Games as well as the possible participation of some nation’s athletes. I am interested to see how security measures are beefed up in Sochi without disrupting the flow of the games, but we will all sit in anticipation until it comes time to light the Olympic Flame in Sochi this February.

Red Bull “Days of my Youth”


Matchstick Productions and Red Bull Media House have released this official trailer for “Days Of MY Youth,” two-year project set to hit theaters fall 2014. It should be exciting to see what MSP & Red Bull are able to do with this new project. Based on the trailer, you can be sure the power combo will not disappoint. Red Bull, well known for their connection with extreme sports and content creation have never before released a feature length ski movie of this caliber. Red Bull Media House is constantly pushing the progression of the sports media industry as they continue to produce top quality films year in and year out. Let this trailer be your inspiration, get out and hit the slopes this winter!

PS: Vermonter’s prepare, Snow incoming. get those pow skis tuned up!

Preserving the Game: The One World Futbol Project

Creators Tim Jahnigen and yes, Sting.

They’re back, and determined to provide the third world with soccer balls built to last a lifetime. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup the One World Futbol Project originally debuted. As we await the 2014 World Cup kick off in June, the founder of the project Tim Jahnigen is back, hoping to vastly increase the reach of the project in this new year of increased social interaction, and fan involvement. Recently backed by famous singer and songwriter Sting, the project has gained a notable amount of positive publicity and continues to grow, changing the lives of millions of soccer fans in undeveloped nations.

The One World Futbol in Action

Soccer is by long and far the most popular sport in the world, in terms of televised view and the number of amateur players. It is typically an easily accessible sport because of the minimal equipment needed, simply a soccer ball with which to play. Apart from the ball, all other materials (goal, field) can be created through makeshift methods available to everyone in the world. Growing up in America, soccer balls have always appeared to me as a simple commodity, like a basketball, that someone will always have in working order. However for those in undeveloped nations, a soccer ball becomes a much more valuable asset. Founder Tim Jahnigan created the program after witnessing a documentary on children in these undeveloped nations who did not have the opportunity even to play soccer, Tim explains, “In 2006 I saw this heartbreaking news story about the plight of children in Darfur. They were playing soccer on dirt with a ball they had made by tying trash together with twine.”.

As of now there are more than 20 million deflated soccer balls disposed of in Africa on an annual basis. Many of these are shared by countless numbers of kids and villages, and without them children are deprived of their favorite form of entertainment and an important team building exercise that promotes good behaviors and can keep them out of trouble. The One World Futbol Project has created a ball made of “cross linked closed cell foam” more easily defined as the material that composes a surfers wet suit. These new soccer balls have been advertised as nearly indestructible and will be sure to outlast the typical soccer ball by twenty, maybe thirty years while performing at a high caliber for the entirety of the product life.As the 2014 World Cup approaches, FIFA and the One Word Project will donate one of their indestructible soccer balls for ever ball that is purchased by cup goers. With 3 million tickets currently on sale, and the incredible reach of the events publicity, you can be sure over 1 million indestructible soccer balls will find their way to a new home this summer. The One World Futbol project has the ability to touch the lives of millions simply by spreading the pure joy that only sport can provide.So go out and buy a soccer ball this season!

Navigating Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

In light of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, many are left with questions about where to stay, how to get tickets, and how much attending the worlds greatest soccer tournament will cost them. With any event this renowned, you can bet one thing, that its not cheap. However, this is the greatest soccer competition known to the world, and attending this guarantees you a multicultural experience you can not receive anywhere else. So get down to Brazil this June and watch the world’s greatest go head to head for the one and only FIFA World Cup trophy! AMERICA!

World Cup Infographic