As a marketing major at Champlain College, I have chosen an intensity in advertising. The field of advertising has always been of great interest to me. I have a passion for creativity, and am fueled by the creative freedom advertising offers.

Above I have featured a number of the ads I have created in my four years here at Champlain. These include a three ad campaign i created for Yeungling Brewery which I am particularly proud of. Among the others you will find a campaign for Labrador retrievers advertising adoption of this breed to hunters and families. A Mini Cooper ad that sports a quote from famous playwright William Shakespeare, as well as an ad for the K2 snowboard the Fast Plant featuring their new “bambooyah” core, and a Red Bull ad that features their classic slogan with a new twist.

I am always open to some constructive criticism, so please share your thoughts!

Yeungling Campaign

yeungling campaign-teddy

yeungling campaign-abe

yeungling campaign-george

Challenged with designing an ad campaign for my advanced advertising course I created this ad campaign for Yeungling Brewery in Pottsville, PA. The ad focuses on the age of the brewery, and being America’s oldest they are steeped in history. I chose Yeungling for this campaign because it is my affordable beer of choice when I am home in the NJ/NYC area. Unfortunately they do not distribute their brew throughout New England, so I look forward to the day it is made more widely available.

Red Bull “Find Your Wings” 

Red Bull

Red Bull Ultra Natural Ad

Red Bull has rapidly become one of the most influential brands of my generation, as they have molded their brand identity around an array of extreme sports and exhilarating marketing events. The first ad, designed for my advanced advertising course aimed to capture the Red Bull brand identity in a single print image while simultaneously implementing a modified version of their well known slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings”. The second ad was created for my Sport Marketing class in which I chose to rebrand the Ultra Natural competition Red Bull holds annually. By implementing the “Find Your Wings” tagline I have demonstrated the taglines campaign potential.

I created the new tagline “Find Your Wings” because i felt it spoke more directly to the consumer. It does well to capture the brand identity and message while instilling a feeling of limitless potential in the consumers that will view it, something that Red Bull tries to accomplish in everything they do.

Mini Cooper 

Mini Cooper

Provided access to Bartlett’s book of quotes, we were asked to select just one quote from the list of thousands dating back hundreds of years. I selected a William Shakespeare quote that fit the profile and mentality of the Mini Cooper brand well. I replaced William with Billy because I felt it would resonate well with Mini Coopers target market, while maintaining the edgy, stylish, and young feel the car offers.


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