Lochlan Dougherty Bio

DSC_5886Hello! my name is Lochlan Dougherty and I am an dedicated student pursuing my BS in Marketing at Champlain College. Throughout the past 4 years I have developed a passion for the creative aspects of marketing, and have demonstrated my ability to develop full-fledged marketing, branding, and advertising campaigns. I was recently hired as a brand management intern by Brandthropology in Burlington, VT, and am thrilled to be a part of their team. I am currently pursuing many interests in the marketing field, with a focus in sports/outdoor adventure. Self-assured, amiable and engaged, I will infuse my passion for sports and creativity into any professional marketing organization.

On a more personal level I am a very charismatic individual. I crave human interaction and will jump at the chance to converse with anyone I can about any topic under the sun. I have a black lab named Oakley who is very much my best friend. I love to snowboard, I am a devout NY Jets, I eat sleep and breathe sports and am constantly searching for my ticket into the business behind it.

If you would like to know more about me, or enjoy the content I am producing then follow me on some of my other profiles, and connect with me on LinkedIn to add a valuable member to your professional network.

Twitter          Google+           Linkedin           Brandyourself


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