Red Bull “Days of my Youth”


Matchstick Productions and Red Bull Media House have released this official trailer for “Days Of MY Youth,” two-year project set to hit theaters fall 2014. It should be exciting to see what MSP & Red Bull are able to do with this new project. Based on the trailer, you can be sure the power combo will not disappoint. Red Bull, well known for their connection with extreme sports and content creation have never before released a feature length ski movie of this caliber. Red Bull Media House is constantly pushing the progression of the sports media industry as they continue to produce top quality films year in and year out. Let this trailer be your inspiration, get out and hit the slopes this winter!

PS: Vermonter’s prepare, Snow incoming. get those pow skis tuned up!


Preserving the Game: The One World Futbol Project

Creators Tim Jahnigen and yes, Sting.

They’re back, and determined to provide the third world with soccer balls built to last a lifetime. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup the One World Futbol Project originally debuted. As we await the 2014 World Cup kick off in June, the founder of the project Tim Jahnigen is back, hoping to vastly increase the reach of the project in this new year of increased social interaction, and fan involvement. Recently backed by famous singer and songwriter Sting, the project has gained a notable amount of positive publicity and continues to grow, changing the lives of millions of soccer fans in undeveloped nations.

The One World Futbol in Action

Soccer is by long and far the most popular sport in the world, in terms of televised view and the number of amateur players. It is typically an easily accessible sport because of the minimal equipment needed, simply a soccer ball with which to play. Apart from the ball, all other materials (goal, field) can be created through makeshift methods available to everyone in the world. Growing up in America, soccer balls have always appeared to me as a simple commodity, like a basketball, that someone will always have in working order. However for those in undeveloped nations, a soccer ball becomes a much more valuable asset. Founder Tim Jahnigan created the program after witnessing a documentary on children in these undeveloped nations who did not have the opportunity even to play soccer, Tim explains, “In 2006 I saw this heartbreaking news story about the plight of children in Darfur. They were playing soccer on dirt with a ball they had made by tying trash together with twine.”.

As of now there are more than 20 million deflated soccer balls disposed of in Africa on an annual basis. Many of these are shared by countless numbers of kids and villages, and without them children are deprived of their favorite form of entertainment and an important team building exercise that promotes good behaviors and can keep them out of trouble. The One World Futbol Project has created a ball made of “cross linked closed cell foam” more easily defined as the material that composes a surfers wet suit. These new soccer balls have been advertised as nearly indestructible and will be sure to outlast the typical soccer ball by twenty, maybe thirty years while performing at a high caliber for the entirety of the product life.As the 2014 World Cup approaches, FIFA and the One Word Project will donate one of their indestructible soccer balls for ever ball that is purchased by cup goers. With 3 million tickets currently on sale, and the incredible reach of the events publicity, you can be sure over 1 million indestructible soccer balls will find their way to a new home this summer. The One World Futbol project has the ability to touch the lives of millions simply by spreading the pure joy that only sport can provide.So go out and buy a soccer ball this season!

Navigating Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

In light of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, many are left with questions about where to stay, how to get tickets, and how much attending the worlds greatest soccer tournament will cost them. With any event this renowned, you can bet one thing, that its not cheap. However, this is the greatest soccer competition known to the world, and attending this guarantees you a multicultural experience you can not receive anywhere else. So get down to Brazil this June and watch the world’s greatest go head to head for the one and only FIFA World Cup trophy! AMERICA!

World Cup Infographic

A look at Fantasy Football’s very Real Revenues

Ah the world of fantasy sports, where men and women can be their own coach, build their dream team, and slowly watch as that dream crumbles before their eyes in the world of reality. As fantasy football players approach their very own nail biting set of playoffs, I thought wed take a look at the kind of growth the world of Fantasy Sports has taken on in the past 5 years. Its clear there is more to this game than simply fantasy. Fantasy sports have clearly demonstrated their value and continues to build on that year in and year out. So remember to check your lineup feverishly, cause you could be due for a paycheck in the near future.

Fantasy sports create a fantasy economy

Fantasy sports generate a fantasy economy.

6 Tips to Improve Your Personal SEO

In this technological age the first place employers look to when hiring new employees is the almighty internet. The minute you send your resume to potential employers, your name is entered into the Google Lottery, and you better hope you’re a winner. One of the flaws employees of this generation often make is not maintaining their SEO and failing to create a strong personal brand visible to potential employers.

Improving your personal SEO does not mean you have to devote your life to your computer, it can be done very easily if you follow simple tips

Over the course of the last 3 months I have been working to improve my personal SEO and PDI (Professional Digital Imprint) using various social media tools. When I began this endeavor I was already heavily involved in social media, however not at all in a professional manner. So In an effort to improve my PDI and create my own solid personal brand I made some significant changes to the type of content I was generating, how often I was distributing it, and in what places I was distributing it. To my surprise, it was a much smoother process than I had anticipated. In 3 short months I have made some significant improvements in the quality of my content, was hired for a challenging and competitive internship, and have built a much stronger SEO and PDI.

Today I am going to share with you with the steps I took to accomplish this task, with the hopes my advice will allow you to improve your very own PDI.

1. Start Small, Think Big. Select a Focus.

Great things come from small beginnings

We all like to think big, but to get there you must start small. One of the initial problems I faced while improving my SEO was the fact that I was operating too many forms of social media. Because of this I had a large number of profiles which were not being updated regularly and that led to them receiving a poor Google ranking. Remeber to always be sure all of your profile are connected to one another and easily accessible for those navigating them.

One of the first things you should do is select a number of social media sources with which you feel confident you can produce the highest quality content on, in the most consistent manner. For me, these included the big 4; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Feel free to dabble and find out which areas you would like to focus on most. Whether its through Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Vine, or even YouTube, always remember to always keep content fresh and consistent to develop your voice and your brand. 


Websites like WordPress and Blogger make creating your own personal blog a breeze. Not only is blogging an effective way to document your thoughts on the industry and improve your writing, It can be used to further develop your personal brand, and utilized as  a great networking tool that will score highly on Google search.

Did I say the BLOB? I meant blog, but creating a blog will allow you to create and absorb strong content, similar to how the blob absorbed people in a movie that tormented my childhood

A blog is essential to develop your personal voice and brand identity. Through this blog you should be demonstrating that you have a firm grasp over industry issues in the field of your choice that is of particular interest to you. This is also a chance for you to personally advertise yourself, creating a personal profile equipped with additional portfolios of your choice Presenting a personal website on a resume is a great way to stand out, especially if you have been posting relevant, quality content. Remember to always tag your posts and separate them by category for best effect. Check out some more tips for improving your very own blog!

For myself, the choice was sports, and I have worked tirelessly to translate that message through the content i produce and share via my blog. I have also included an advertising and photography portfolio to showcase my interest in the creative aspects of the marketing profession.

3. Linked In

Creating a LinkedIn is an excellent way to showcase your past and present careers, your recent achievements and build a strong network with industry professionals. There are also a ton of groups and discussions to join, as well as many jobs being posted regularly. Quite simply it’s a great online community to be part of and if you think of it like a professional Facebook, you’ll be alright. LinkedIn also scores very highly on Google search.

Get a LinkedIn to improve your personal SEO and start building your professional network now!

For me this meant revamping my entire LinkedIn profile. Although I had already created my profile, it was extremely basic, failed to highlight my personal brand, and did not showcase any of my work. Over the last 3 months I have steadily improved my LinkedIn account by including links to my blog and other social networks, using an appropriate picture, developing a strong bio and brand, as well as including things such as my education, courses, previous and current jobs, and some relevant projects I have completed in my recent years at school. In 3 months i have gained over 125 new valuable connections and improved my profile status from beginner to all star, I have also upped my profile views dramatically.

LinkedIn is an especially important social tool for you to have. Think of it as your online resume, one that employers will check regularly especially during the hiring season. Remember to always keep your LinkedIn content up to date, and make sure you only showcase your best work!

4. Twitter

Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the most influential and important social media tools at your disposal. As it continues to gain notoriety it has become an increasingly important tool in building your personal and public SEO. Thousands of businesses and professionals in every industry use Twitter to broadcast current events, and industry news so it is a great source of information. Twitter can be used effectively as a tool to share your own industry thoughts and personal observations.

Twitter allows you the freedom to follow and post content unique to yourself and your personal brand. Make it your own!

Prior to my efforts to improve my SEO Twitter to me was simply a social media tool for spitting out any nonsense that came into my mind, or communicating with friends similar to a text conversation. In 3 short months I have increased my following by 200, followed over 600 new and relevant accounts, updated my bio and profile, as well as greatly increased the quality and relevance of the content I share and produce. The majority of which is relevant to the sport marketing industry.

Twitter scores highly on Google search and provides legitimate benefits like unparalleled access to industry colleagues and businesses letting you know what they are thinking and up to. If used properly Twitter has the potential to be a really neat networking and personal SEO tool. Always remember that employers will check your tweets to try and find out more about you. So it is worth considering the type of content you are producing.

5. Google +

Although relatively young, and a small blip on the radar in comparison to Twitter and Facebook, Google+ will work wonders for your personal SEO. More and more organizations and individuals are beginning to utilize G+ as the benefits become increasingly apparent. After all, Google runs the world so having an account with them should seem like a no brainer for someone who wants to improve their Google search results.


Twitter and Facebook need to make room for Google+ and its rapidly growing community

Before my recent push for SEO I had zero content on my Google+, not even a picture adorning my profile page. Over the course of the last 3 months I have begun to utilize my G+ more efficiently, updating my profile and providing site links to my various social media profiles. As for content, I am aiming to improve and provide more personal content via my profile. I have learned to utilize Google+ as a means of promoting my blog to great effect and suggest you create a profile ASAP to get on G+ while its growing.

Google+ scores extremely high on Google search, and they will even create prime real estate for your posts to appear in other search results. Content you post here will stay around and gain page ranks quickly if it is received well by your community. Google+ is an excellent way to build, manage, and organize your professional network and allows you full control over who sees your posts.

6. Keep an eye on the numbers. Utilize analytic tools. 

One of the most important things you MUST do to maintain a strong personal SEO is maintain a vigilant watch over the performance of your various social profiles. There are a number of tools with which you can measure your performance or your’e influence like Klout, Tweetlevel, Kred, Tweetreach, Blog Level, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and hundreds more. These sites will allow you to track how well your profiles are performing, as well as the number of people that are influenced by your content and interactions.

Remember to keep an eye on the numbers

Over the last 3 months I have vastly improved my social profiles, and have managed to boost my scores on all of my required analytics tools. Over the course of the semester I have improved my levels as follows…

  • Klout: Day 1: 28 — Today: 58
  • Kred: Influence 696/1000 — Outreach level 6/12
  • Tweetlevel: Score 54.0 — Influence Level Curator 
  • Bloglevel: Score 7.5

As you continue to produce content, and develop your personal brand it is crucial you keep an eye on your metrics, and maintain consistent performance throughout the lifetime of your profiles to optimize your personal SEO.

5 New Events to Look for at Sochi 2014

Get your swim trunks ready folks! Cause it’s off to Sochi, Russia for the 22nd installment of the Winter Olympics. Now I know what you’re thinking and yes, I do mean this Sochi…


Be generous with the sunscreen, cause Sochi is lookin Toasty

You might ask; but how can they hold the WINTER Olympics in a place like this? Russia’s one and only seemingly out of place tropical getaway, littered with cruise liners and beer guts in banana hammocks. Last time I checked they weren’t water skiing in the last Winter Olympics. Well, fret not fellow snow lovers, for this same Sochi is but a hop skip and a jump from some pretty spectacular peaks. When you take a look from a birds eye, you can get a sense of the bigger picture.


Sochi from above

So, now you can might have a sense of the powdery potential Sochi holds in her stoic peaks. With less than 100 days to go before the games kick off on February 7, you should have a sense of what new and exciting events you’ll be catching couch side. This year there’s a few new installments that are definitely worth checking out!

1. Men/Women’s Ski Half Pipe 

img via

It takes nerves of steel to ride the sheer walls of these icy half pipes

With snowboard half pipe being such a success in both the men and women’s category, it was a no brainer for the IOC to let the skiers get there chance at gold. Prepare to watch the worlds best go head to head on 22 foot walls of ice. Hurling themselves over 20 feet in the air and pulling off some incredibly intricate maneuvers. If this alone doesn’t get you excited for Sochi, then you might want to change the TV station to the Travel Channel.

2. Men/Women’s Ski & Snowboard Slopestyle 

A combination of challenging rails and huge jumps call for the most versatile riders

A combination of challenging rails and huge jumps call for the most versatile riders

Half Pipe simply wasn’t enough for the Olympics, and after producing attention that only extreme sports can draw it will be joined by its Slopestyle counterpart. For those who don’t know the slopestyle competition is basically a skate park built into the snow where all of the obstacles are blown up to much bigger sizes to compensate for the increased speed the snow offers. The event incorporates a combination of jumps and rails, and the rider with the best run will emerge atop the podium. This is a much different form of competition than half pipe and a must watch for any and all skier/snowboarders as you can watch your favorite athletes duke it out on the worlds biggest stage.

3. Luge Team Relay 

Taking sledding to a whole new level

Taking sledding to a whole new level

Remember sledding down the hill in your local park as a kid? Well these men and women took that childhood past time to a whole new level. Now they’re taking turns at a blistering 90 miles per hour on a sheet of ice, coasting on nearly inverted walls! Well Luge Team Relay is just what it sounds like. A new format in which teams are comprised of both men and women including a doubles sled and a single man and woman. The team with the combined fastest time takes home gold at Sochi. Keep your childhood dreams alive people!

4. Women’s Ski Jumping 

Newton was wrong.

Newton was wrong.

Isaac Newton clearly never witnessed ski jumping, other he would have rethought his laws of physics. Finally after years of being excluded from the event, women’s skis will be taking flight this coming February for the first time in Olympic history. Even if you don’t enjoy ski jumping its worth watching simply because it is history in the making. It’s also pretty exciting watching just how incredibly far these athletes are capable of jumping, the current world record is 809 feet. Almost 3 football fields!

5. Biathlon Mixed Relay 

Skis & Guns?! Combining two dangerous things to form one awesome competition.

Skis & Guns?! Combining two dangerous things to form one awesome competition.

Ever get the urge to go hunting on skis? Then a Biathlon Mixed Relay is perfect for you! A winter biathlon consists of two disciplines, cross country skiing and shooting. This is also a new event making its debut at Sochi, and again features a two member team combination of both men and women. The teams must complete a 4.6 mile loop and complete two shots, one standing and one in prone position. Each miss will add a penalty loop and the team boasting the lowest time will stand tallest on the podium.

It appears Sochi has a lot in store for us, and as the games get closer anticipation is building. The US Team is wasting no time doing some major marketing to get Americans excited to watch their athletes compete. The athletes hit Time Square alerting fans of the new events, and even giving them the chance to watch and compete against some of the winter athletes all in hopes of building positive anticipation for Sochi. So remember grab the sunscreen and your finest swim suit and we’ll see you in Sochi.