Nyjah Huston “Fade to Black”


Thrasher magazine has just released Nyjah Huston’s highly anticipated video part ” Fade to Black ” with the help of sponsors DC Shoes and Element Skateboarding. Again Nyjah has returned with an even more impressive array of jaw dropping tricks on features even the most fearless skaters wouldn’t dare attempt. Trick after trick Nyjah Huston continues to blow the skateboarding community out of the water, watch history being made right before your eyes!


The NFL Network Celebrates 10 Years

The NFL Network is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! As seen in the info graphic above the network has gone through some incredible changes and played host to near exponential growth in this short time span. It is clear they are doing things right. The network has expanded far beyond its television roots, and grown to include a slew of media outlets. These include huge names like NFL.com, NFL Mobile, NFL Films, and most successful of all NFL Redzone which has gone so far as to actually hinder stadium attendance because of its sheer awesomeness. It will be interesting to see how the NFL Network will continue to expand and innovate in the coming future.

nfl infographic

(Image via NFL.com)


Brewing history since 1829

yeungling campaign-teddy yeungling campaign-george yeungling campaign-abeAbove is an advertising campaign I created for my advanced advertising course at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. The campaign is created for the Yeungling Brewing Co. and plays up the history of the Brewery. Yeungling is the oldest brewing company in America, founded in 1829 in Pottsville, PA.

I had the opportunity to visit the Yeungling Brewery on a cross country trip over the summer, and i have to say they kept it authentic. Across from the brewery their prohibition era ice cream factory still stands, though very disheveled. Image

Creating this campaign was a blast, and the rich history of the brewery is displayed humorously within each ad.

Boston Bruins rack up an impressive bar tab

Its clear that when professional sports teams head out for a night on the town, they really like to go all out. The Boston Bruins are no strangers to these types of nights, racking up an impressive bar tab after their 2011 Stanley Cup victory. It seems the B’s held nothing back when it came to celebrating, and spent the fortune of a small country at a Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. The info-graphic above gives you an idea as to the types of celebrations that follow a world championship.

It will be interesting to see what kind of tab the Boston Red Sox will be able to accrue following their 2013 World Series win against the St. Louis Cardinals. As we have already seen, the night they won Red Sox player Mike Napoli was seen in quite the celebratory fashion roaming the streets of Boston. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bar tab even more impressive than the Bruins could put up. One waiter is looking at quite the tip.